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Monday, October 16, 2006

Last RACE!

So yesterday was the last day of racing for the points season. Now, that doesn't mean we're DONE. There's one more big regional race, then Nationals in December. It's a never-ending thing, this racing. I'm not sure if I like that (though I love my children, and they like it).

I'm sure you're dying to know how we did...I'd post a picture, but Blogger won't let me, evil trolls. Because the picture I had would have shown you EXACTLY how the boy finished...


Great race, too. He did clean passing, got out in front and stayed there. I was very, very proud.

The Little One raced well, too. She's now gotten to the point where she stays on the lead lap for the entire race. She led one lap and was second for 2 other laps, so she has improved a lot. She also loves to help in the snack shop, selling stuff and trying to get free candy out of them for helping. So it was a great year for her as well.

Damn, I really wish they'd post the picture for you...it was a great picture!


Blogger MaryF said...

Hurrah, K-man!!!

5:40 PM PDT  

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